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I’m currently looking to expand my Resume by doing online part time jobs and I’m particularly interested in transcription, translation, stock photography and audio recordings right now, and I would like to hear opinions about the product quality these sites offer, how good these sites pay as on amount, paying on time, split commission and royalties, TOS, application and contract… But most importantly Id love to read your opinions, experiences, recommendations, red flags, and other site recommendations.

Any other information is welcome and of high value and appreciation for me and other redditors:

Clickbank Promo Tools


\- [Rev.com](https://Rev.com)

\- [gotranscript.com/](https://gotranscript.com/)

\- [atexto.com](https://atexto.com)


\- [OneHourTranslation.com](https://OneHourTranslation.com) (now [getblend.com](https://www.getblend.com/))

\- [translate.com](https://www.translate.com/)

Stock photography:

\- [shutterstock.com](https://shutterstock.com)

\- [alamy.com](https://alamy.com)

audio recordings (audiobooks, samples, voiceovers)

\- [bandcamp.com](https://bandcamp.com)

\- [acx.com](https://acx.com)

\- [voices.com](https://voices.com)

\- [voices123.com](https://voices123.com)


\- [fiverr.com](https://fiverr.com)

\- [Upwork.com](https://Upwork.com)

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