Quora Hack : For Affiliate Marketers, Product Creators and Webmasters

Am a content marketer for the past ten years. I wanted to create an informational book to help affiliate marketers and product creators to drive free traffic.

After 6 months of hard word , studying 100’s of case studies and 70 plus product creators and affiliate marketer i came with my ebook and detailed 56 free ways to get traffic.

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I am revealing on of the hacks.

More than 70% Affiliate marketers know about quora and only very few make money. The biggest reason is we don’t know which question gets more impressions. Unfortunately quora doesn’t let you know the top questions. But you can get this for free with a simple hack.

Here it is: https://i.imgur.com/Ik1xwqb.jpg

Step 1 : click on your profile icon and click on Ads Manager

Step 2: On the right hand corner click on New Campaign and Give a campaign name

Step 3: Under Objective select Traffic

Step 4: Under Choose primary targeting , select Contextual Targeting

Step 5 : And then Select Question and click on Bulk add

and Window will pop up and enter your keyword

Quora will list the questions with Weekly Views

Sometimes you may not get results if your keyword is broad like weightloss , in that case go for more specific keywords

Results for Finance and Personal Finance : https://i.imgur.com/yuS9oMy.png

The goal is to help people to get free targeted traffic and use the techniques used by successful people.

Vision: Dont select the product and then search how to market. Rather know the sources and pick the product and bring it to right audience.

The book is priced $59.But if you wish to get it today you can set your own price : Minimum $5. Pay as you wish.

Revealed more interesting stuffs in the product page.

Book : https://gumroad.com/l/freeaffiliatetraffic

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