Question about passively monetizing very specific knowledge base

Hello everyone, I’m trying this again with some more clear direction, I hope.

I am a physician in a very specialized area of medicine. I am trying to figure out ways I can passively monetize my knowledge. I know a lot of people suggest doing courses, but my concern with courses is that I am doubtful that the intricacies of joint MRI would be something most consumers would be interested in purchasing. Even other physicians would hesitate to spend money on a course that doesn’t provide them with “Continuing Medical Education’ credits.

Even though I am a subspecialist, I was hoping I could use my knowledge as an otherwise means of educating but also monetizing my education. I have considered writing a review book for our board exams, but again, I worry that the niche is too specialized to pay off in the future. I’m not sure that dedicating hundreds (thousands?) of hours to an eBook would really be worth it.

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Does anyone have any other ideas of what I could do with this knowledge base or how I could use it? Or maybe I should just pretend that isn’t my full time job and become an expert on something else? Then share that information with others in some medium? Problem is, I do not really think I have any non-medical skills (medicine seems to be great at preventing development of outside hobbies during training!)

Thank you everyone!

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