ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF debuts as second-most largely traded fund

비트코인선물 ETF 상장 첫날 역대 거래액 2위…유사상품 줄이어

Wall Street on Tuesday saw the launch of the first exchange traded fund linked to Bitcoin a Bitcoin futures ETF from ProShares, and on its debut it had the second-highest trading volume ever for a brand new fund.
It started trading at 40 dollars a share Tuesday morning under the ticker B-I-T-O, and by the end of the session it was up 4-point-9 percent.
With turnover of almost a billion dollars,… it became the second-most heavily traded fund for a first day of trading… behind BlackRock’s carbon fund.
During the session, the price of Bitcoin rose almost to a new high, now at a little under 64-thousand dollars.
Other Bitcoin-linked ETFs are expected to launch soon… including funds from VanEck and Invesco.

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2021-10-20, 17:00 (KST)


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