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Hi everyone! Since I started working, I have always been looking for passive income sources. Over the past decade, I’ve bought rental properties with the income I make working as an engineer in tech.

One of the investments that have done really well are properties I’ve bought at auction in Indianapolis (which was rated the hottest investment city by Forbes) . When I was actively purchasing, I created an app to help me analyze the different investments and just published it earlier today. Would appreciate it if someone can take it for a test drive and give me feedback.

There’s a tax lien sale next week in Hamilton County in Indiana. Indiana liens yield a 10-25% / yr return and is backed by the property. If the owner doesnt repay the lien + interest, you foreclose on the property. Hard to believe but it’s true. I actually ended up getting a house for $7k (that sounded infomercial-ish..but it’s true). Here are the liens up for auction next week.

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