Promoting my PoD store with Insta

Hello everybody,
A while ago i started my own print on demand shop on etsy, redbubble and teespring. I noticed that the amount of customers was really low even thou i looked for the right tags etc. Progress was moving SLOW. Now i decided to make a instagram profile for my print on demand products.

Once I uploaden a bunch of my work I started to get way more attention the first day on insta than i’d gotten on the other profiles. Pretty succesful so far and the past few days I’ve started to get some followers etc. It’s really nice to see some progress for your work.

What I’m recommending to all of you who work with POD: Get on facebook/instagram (where you have the largest following) and start promoting it there. It’s so much more worth it than just uploading on redbubble etc

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Even thou I’m at a early stage I want all feedback i can get so if you would be so kind please take a look at my instagram page @timsgoodyshop or the following link www.instagram/timsgoodyshop.
Thank yoo for reading!

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