Please help me identify the reasons why Screen Rant rejected me

Hi all, I applied to Screen Rant, but my writing samples were rejected. They did not provide any reason.

They gave me the following instructions for the writing samples.

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1. What does Google need to do to make its Pixel line a true rival to Samsung’s Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone? Please explain your answer in approximately 150 words.
2. Pitch three Pixel article ideas for Screen Rant with a title that fits the site tone and style. Make sure to apply any SEO knowledge you possess to your titles. Your pitches should be feature headlines (i.e. not news, and not listicles).
3. Select one of your pitches from Question 2 and write a sample in 400-600 words. You must use the tone and style found in the “Tech” section of the site.

[Here’s the link to my writing sample.](


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