Please can you take a minute to critique my website?


I run a print on demand business and have just finished v2 of the website. It’s been a long and tedious journey and i think the website is in great shape. Images are in high definition, variation in creative types, mobile optimised, There’s clear product/collection lines, i cant see anything wrong with it but i may be looking through rose-coloured glasses and would love some feedback. Everything is self served via Shopify and im not tech savvy at all so there may be things that will still need to be worked on in the backend, for example some of the SEO/Meta data pieces.

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Please can you take a minute to critique my website- i’m about to re-launch some Facebook ads and i want to make sure that its in great shape for users to be driven to. Would love some dead honest feedback and im pretty tough skinned so dont be shy!


My website is [](


Thanks a million 🙂

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