Peer2Profit. Honeygain but better???

Peer2Profit is very similar to Honeygain. Though it does have some serious benefits that I’ll list but first what is Peer2Profit. Peer2Profit is a application available on almost every device and every country. Similar to Honeygain you share 10% of your extra bandwidth to sell to other companies that’ll technically pay you. The differences though is that Peer2Profit has a 80% Higher Pay rate for 1gb of Traffic. Also VPN’s or Datacenter Ip’s are completely allowed and you can earn off of them. You can also earn off of proxies by adding them to your proxy list in Peer2Profit. You can withdraw in:

[As you can see there is lots of options. Even directly to your bank](

Not earning enough. Earn referrals since out of almost every site Peer2Profit offers you a whopping 50% Bonus Earnings from your referrals. I guess you can tell why I’m telling ya’ll about this. Anyways here you can use my Referral Link which is not required to sign-up but you’ll help me out also!

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(Referral) [](

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