Passive income without any effort doesn’t exist… [Realization]

The past few days I was searching for easy methods to earn passive income with minimal/no effort. I now came to the conclusion I was wasting my time.

All of they actually passive apps barely pay anything or are sketchy. Examples include but are not limited to: sharing internet bandwith (Honeygain, Peer2profit etc.), crytpo mining extension/apps, SMS apps (SMS profit).

Also, most active apps e.g. survey apps aren’t really worth it. You’re better of finding a job or learning a skill, which enables you to earn more income.

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The truest forms of passive income in my opinion are the following:

* High yield savings account or CDs (transfer your emergency fund there or even more money, if you’re risk averse)
* I bonds (protect you from inflation)
* Investing into ETFs (based on passive index funds for the smallest TER)
* Real estate (the most passive form would be having it managed by a property management company

Also saving more might be easier the spending less. Depends on your situation.

Tl;dr: Passive investments require upfront work or capital (which mostly is earned by work as well) to be successful.

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