Passive Income with Large Capital to invest

I’ve been working at my job for more than 20 years and although it is quite lucrative, it can be highly stressful at times. I have saved a lot and have no debt. My kids 529 plans are fully funded and I can pretty much pay cash for anything I want. I’m interested in a change – I’d like to leave my job and have free time going forward (as time has become more valuable than money).

I have a lot to invest (high 6 figures) and want that money to work to provide a stable income. I don’t need a high return, just more than money markets provide – say 3-5%.

My problem is I don’t know what to invest in to gain this steady income. I’ve looked at Prosper and Lending Club, but I’m concerned about capital gains and I’m not eligible for a Roth IRA to dump the proceeds into.

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Any suggestions what to invest in?

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