Passive Income vs Side Income

I know that we need a secondary income in addition to our main income.

And a lot people have been talking about passive income, and there are a lot of suggestions from the members here.

I would like to share my views on these matters. Personally, I think that other than our main income, we can have the potential to generate a secondary income, which can be Side Income and Passive Income.

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Side Income is something that requires some efforts (time and work) to make that extra dollars. There are plenty of such opportunities, such as surveys, although some are paying higher than others.

Passive Income is something that requires no effort (time and work) to make that extra dollars, and this is truly auto-pilot. Is there such a thing? Yes, there are some apps offering such opportunities, but there are not many good ones.

I also found that there is one that sits between Side Income and Passive Income, which is the hybrid model. It requires a minimal human effort to “turn on” the app say every 24 hours. There are some opportunities like this too.

I have identified some and have signed up with them. Side Income programs has higher payout rate, and I have cashed out in many instances. Passive Income has much lower payout rate, and I have cashed out some of them yet. However, based on the reviews on them that I checked back from time to time, I think they should be paying by the time my balances reach the minimum payout amount.

I hope my views make sense to some, if not all of you.

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