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Hey Everyone,

I am looking into getting some passive income streams that require hard work to start, but little to none to maintain extensively. I am in the military and my travelling will be high these next 2 years while I train for my new position.


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**What I have so far:**

– I have a Roth IRA and I plan on maxing it every year.

– The stocks are an S&P 500 ETF, Microsoft, Norwegian, and an Airlines ETF

– As a side note: I invested in those companies hoping for a long term bounce back in about 5-10
years. I have the money and youth to make that choice for now.

**What I want to do, but don’t know how to manage while away:**

– Youtube Channel (Requires immense work)

– Real Estate: The properties in my area are… eh and with my travel I would need a property manager and have to set this up before I leave the area.

– Server Hosting (not sure what I would host, maybe websites?)

– Blogs/Training Plans/Career Specific Resources

– Variations of affiliate marketing?


Any Advice is appreciated!

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