Passive Income Streams (I actually use) to make $12,000/month — An Update

Six months ago, I posted in this sub, sharing my sources of passive income that generate roughly $5,000/per month. To my surprise, that post exploded, and became the TOP post of all time in this sub. You can read the original post here: [\_income/comments/hupuvj/passive\_income\_streams\_i\_actually\_use\_to\_make/](

Since that post, I’ve managed to more than double my monthly passive income and wanted to share an update.

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I hope this goes without saying, but I truly don’t post this to brag. I get no satisfaction from flaunting numbers to strangers on the internet. My goal is to motivate others to show what’s possible, with hard and consistent work.

I mentioned this in my original post, but generating passive income is HARD work. If you’re looking for a way to generate money quickly, this likely isn’t for you. It has taken me years to get to this point, and although my income has more than doubled in just the last 6 months, I believe that’s mainly due to the momentum I’ve spent years building, and the foundation I worked so hard to create for myself.

With that being said, here’s the list of passive income streams I’m personally using to earn income on a monthly basis:

**1. Web Hosting – $1,267/month (an increase of $374).** This is a new one for a lot of people. For my 9-5 day job, I work in IT. Because of that, naturally, my passive income streams gravitate towards using technology (because why not let the computer do the work so you don’t have to).

Essentially, what I do is rent a server for $30-40/month, and then from there, I can host (almost) as many websites on that one server as I want. I currently host 84 websites for other businesses and clients, and charge them anywhere from $15-70/month. From just one client, I cover my server rental, and then everything else above and beyond that is money in my pocket.

In the last six months, I’ve signed on 13 additional clients, ranging anywhere from $25-$50/month in hosting, increasing my previous number by $374.

I started building websites when I was 15 (I’m 28 now), but I didn’t learn about web hosting until I was 21 or 22. I’ve only really been serious about this for the last 4 years or so.

I’ve got an entire playlist explaining every step of my process on YouTube, here:

**2. Rental Properties – $2,900/month (an increase of $225).** My wife and I LOVE rental properties, and are hoping to retire off of them. We started in real estate roughly 5 years ago. We currently own 7 residential rental properties, and 9 storage units.

We decided not to build the 12-unit complex that I mentioned in my previous post, and instead have switched to focusing on AirBnb. We have a couple friends who are renting out homes using AirBnb, and they’ve found that their income is 2x than that of a standard long-term rental.

We’re building 2 AirBnb’s at the moment, and I’m excited to see how those pan out from a passive income standpoint.

The main thing that has caused the increase in rental income was by refinancing some of our existing properties, and raising rents. We rehabbed one of our units, adding new flooring and paint, and that allowed us to raise rent by around $200 when the previous tenants moved out.

**3. Principal Pay-down – $763/month (an increase of $32).** This is money we earn as tenants pay down our mortgage balances for us. While this is absolutely money that we’re earning, we can’t really tap into this until we sell our properties (which we’re not planning on doing anytime soon). This is just added to the equity in our properties month after month. It grows slowly as our mortgage payments transition more from interest to principal.

**4. Stock Portfolio – $0/month (a decrease of $100).** I mentioned in my original post that my wife and I were planning on pulling out all of our money in the market to focus more heavily on real estate. And we did just that. Even though people are making a killing in the market right now, and it’s incredibly tempting, we’re sticking to our guns and only investing in what we know and what’s working for us best.

There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with stocks, but it’s just not for us.

**5. YouTube Channel – $850/month (an increase of $700).** I’ve decided to quit working on my YouTube Channel. It was a fun project, but the juice just wasn’t worth the squeeze. I spent two years really trying to grow it and make it something profitable, but ultimately, I decided to abandon it and haven’t posted a video in a few months.

Even having said that, my YouTube channel has started generating more income than ever before, even without new videos. I’m sure this will die off eventually, but for the meantime, I’ll enjoy the profits without doing any additional work.

My channel can be found here:

**6. Etsy Shop – $50/month (an increase of $0).** I built a few spreadsheets and word templates, and then threw them up on Etsy. I never really expected them to make much income, but I’ll get 5-6 sales/month consistently, without putting in any extra work. $50/month isn’t anything to call home about, but it buys me lunch a couple times a week so I’m happy with it.

My Etsy shop:

**7. Affiliate Marketing – $1,850/month (an increase of $1,475).** With the growth of my YouTube channel, the affiliate marketing commissions have also increase exponentially. Just by leaving links in my video descriptions, people will purchase software or services, and then I’ll get a small commission from this. I can’t believe how much this has grown. Again, this may not stick around forever, but I’ll ride this wave for as long as it lasts.

**8. Course Sales – $1,200/month (a brand new stream for me).** So many people were interested in hearing about my web hosting business, that I decided to make a course video training course, teaching people how to do every aspect of the business, step-by-step.

This course took a LOT of work. I filmed over 100 videos, explaining deep technical concepts, and packing it all together. What I love about this income stream, though, is that now it truly is 100% passive. It’s almost as passive as the stock market. Now that the course has been created, I can sit back and relax. Most of the traffic is still coming from my YouTube channel, but I’ve set up some ads to help promote it too.

It’s only a couple sales per month, but it adds up to a good sum of cash each month. I expect this to dip over time as my YouTube channel dies, but the ads should hopefully keep this afloat.

My course:

**9. Software Company – $3,500/month (a brand new stream for me).** This is the main reason I’ve decided to switch gears and quit working on YouTube – I’ve found a new project, and I absolutely LOVE it.

I started a software company for real estate investors. Think of it as Quickbooks for Real Estate. Through real estate investing, my wife and I found that there really wasn’t a great tool out there for tracking income and expenses. So I decided to create one. It allows you to easily link a bank account, classify transactions, and then come tax time you can quickly print out a statement and hand it to your CPA.

I’m only a year into this project, but it’s already far exceeded my expectations, and customer feedback is very positive. Not everyone has the skills to program something like this, but my background in IT makes this relatively easy for me.

It’s the coolest feeling waking up in the morning, and seeing the notifications on my phone, saying someone bought my software overnight. I charge $99/yr for the software, and am averaging 1-3 sales per day.

This one is a little tough to classify as “passive”, because I’m actively working on it regularly, but I’m designing the software in such a way that once it’s complete, it should mostly run itself with very little invention on my part.

My software company:

I love passive income. It’s more than just a hobby for me – it truly is one of my passions. I love creating something out of nothing, and that’s almost more rewarding than the income itself, though it is a good metric of success.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

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