Passive income reviews idea 2022

Hi guys, I m new here and also on Reddit.
I m currently having a 9-5 job as a procurement specialist but since inflation hitting Western Europe harder and harder, decided to look for ways ( not getting rich from) to get an extra monthly income.
Now, after a couple of days of research I came to understand that there are not reliable ways to make money online( at least this is how I feel) and I am more confused about “scams” then I was at the start.
So this leads me to the actual question.
Can you guys give a little guidance on what workes and what to stay away from when trying to get an extra buck(euro, whatever) a month?
Since this year is mostly over, I will love to hear some great idea of basically “how to get money online in 2022”
Thanks in advance and have a great weekend ahead!

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