LazyBuck allows you to make passive income from your browser. Connect your Facebook Account with professional marketers and start making real money with minimum effort.

* Available to desktops only (as of now) and you need to download their [chrome extension]( and login to the platform.
* You also need to login to your Facebook in the same browser.
* Requirements for your facebook account to be compatible for earning:

Clickbank Promo Tools

1. It should be created at least 2 years ago
2. It should have more than 100 friends
3. You should be older than 18 years old
4. It should not have a used Ad Account or Business Manager (past promotions)
5. Have a real photo of you on the profile

* They will review your request within 2-3 weeks, and if eligible, you will be able to get minimum of 5$ through PayPal

for more details, read their [FAQs](

if you wanna try it please use my [referral link](

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