Passive Income in trucking

I work full-time in logistics, and I deal with the trucking industry on a regular basis. I’ve spoken with a lot of “owner-operators” who own their own truck and haul goods for a living.

I unfortunately don’t have my “AZ” License (Canadian version of a CDL), and therefore can’t legally drive a truck, plus I don’t have the time to go get my AZ. I work 60-80 hours a week at my full-time job.

Can I buy a truck and lease it to a trucking company and have their “company drivers” drive it? Or should I hire a dedicated driver or two and have them drive it for me? Basically becoming an “owner-operator” without actually driving the truck.

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I’m fully aware of maintenance, insurance, etc.

I’d be content to make just $300-500 a month after all expenses paid off. Hopefully by the time I get the truck paid off I can make a little more.

Does this sound realistic?

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