Ok so three weeks ago I decided to put up a post of passive income ideas it went down so well that I have now put an even bigger and better list together

As the is about 120 ideas on my new list I won’t be going into full details but a simple Google search will give you a full insight into each passive income stream

Lets start with the easy money passive income investments this lot you can put money in and get income back with no real work at all you just need cash.

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*High-yield savings account waste of time for income

*Premium bonds no real roi chance to win cash prizes up to £1m

*government bonds possible 3% roi you are beating inflation

*Worthy bonds 5% roi

*Dividend stocks 1% to 8% + growth of 20% to 0%

*ETFs or index funds roi 3% to 15%

*Reits hope for a 10% + roi there good to hold in a balanced portfolio buy some realty income, Prologis & crown castle then dca and hold for life.

*Invest in commodities buy the coffee sugar corn stocks the is even some etfs that specialize in this

*Invest in physical commodities where I live in Africa you can buy a sack of freshly harvested beans then hold it for 3 months and sell it for 50% more when they are in demand its possible to do this every 3 months sometimes with beans other times onions or cassava giving a 200% roi per year.

*Crowdfunding real estate 6% to 15% roi at a guess
Also see fund rise

*Buy solid growth stocks with solid metrics then hold them for years ie 3 to to 10 years for a 1000% gain

*Peer-to-peer Lending

*Peer to business Lending see P2Binvestor

*Royalty Exchange own song royalties you can buy “SONG” stock on the London stock exchange or Google search royalty music

*Acre trader invest in farmland and get a cut of the crop

*Livestock wealth literally buy a pregnant cow or a Nut tree and get up to a 16% roi also see macadamia tree

*Invest with Robo advisor

*buy whiskey barrel investment hold for 12 years with whiskey barrel

*Buy fine wine and story in a Bonded Warehouse for 5 + years best ones are the red Bordeaux or Rothschild
Check out as well

*Buy art to hold as an investment

*Buy crypto coins then stake them (lend them out for 5% to 26% roi ) see crypto coin staking if you do do this and guess a above 10% roi be careful has any investment over 10% I would class as risky 26% I would say is not sustainable unfortunately over the long term

*silent business partner give your money to a family member or friend you trust to invest in the growth of there business for a cut of the whole buisiness no work involved just your cash.

*Covered calls buy a hundred shares of a dividend company that pays roughly 4% dividends then lone your shares out for a commission This is a good plan stocks that fit this plan are Pfizer, McDonald’s,
j & j

*Loan shark possibly not the most legal way to make a living in the world but can be profitable check the legality of this in your area try not to pray on the poor and desperate imo

Next we have the easy money, small to no cash needed section

*Cashback sites and apps

check out r/beermoneyuk r/beermoney I have done a lode of the sign ups and am up $700 in my first month

*Credit card bonus cash back

*Cash-back reward cards

*Get paid to have an app on your phone that runs in the background

Next we have passive income that you have to buy assets that you can rent out for profit they can be expensive to buy but once you have them you can reap the rewards month after month for year

If you don’t won’t to be hands on you can pay someone to run the assets for you making it 95% passive income

* helium hotspots Google search this one

*Airbnb buy a flat and airbnb it

*Airbnb Arbitrage rent a flat then turn it into an airbnb

*Rent your house out as a film set

*Rent the spare bedroom out

*Buy to let rental flats / houses this should be a part of any million $ portfolio don’t forget you can buy world wide and use a local agent at a cost of 12% if the rent I would buy the low cost housing and pay no more than 100 months rent to buy the property to guaranteed to win using interest only mortgages fixed at a low rate for as long as possible

*Rent you drive way out if you live in a big city

*Rent your spear space out in your Loft attic or garage for storage

*rent land to a cell tower company or the roof of your building this is a license to print money

*Rent the wall of your building out for a billboard advertisement check your Deeds if you’re property to make sure you’re allowed to do this.

*Buy land with a billboard on it at the side of the road talk to you or Cassandra great place to find these deals

*Buy Farmland rent It Out to farmers not sure if it’s still possible but years ago the government would pay you as a Farm owner just to leave you land as it is and not farm it crazzy but true

*Rent out items you have at home for example a chocolate fondant or a bench saw

*Jewelry rental

*Watch rental

*Handbag rental

*Exotic Car Rental

*Limousine rental

*Hackney taxi plate rental you can buy them on the black market and have the local Council change them into your name the council still own the plate but you have to write a use, you can then rent them out to a driver for a fat roi

*Funeral car rental

*Rent out treadmills and cross trainers

*Boat rental on get my boat

*Wedding car rental

*Holiday home rental

*Buy land and turn it into a cemetry

*Marquis hire

*Wood chipper rental the ones that tow behind your car about $15,000

*crane hire

*Mini Digger hire

*Bouncy castle rental

*Self automated car wash

*Beach deck chair and umbrella rental

*Golf cart rental

*Buy an ice cream van rent it out

*Rent out plastic plants to office buildings

*Buy a food truck and rent it out

*Pay and display car park

*Rent out your RV on RV share site

*Vehicle storage

*Rent out your garden to campers on home camper

*Porta loo rental

*Robo-taxi rental or just buy a normal car and rent it out to a driver as a taxi

*Turn your car into a mobile billboard with wrapify

*Rent out your car on turo or get around

*Rent Furniture as prop furniture for people trying to sell there house

*Commercial office parking rent a space out to a business user

*subletting rent a house then rent it out for more to someone else

*Crypto mining buy crypto mining machine for around $400 / $500 minimum plug it in and start making money bobcat miner is all the rage this month takes 6 weeks to come as the manufacturer can’t keep up with the others as for profits it depends of a few things like how many guys in your area have a set up

Next up ones that I have no idea about



*Quota partner program

*Peer street

*Alexa skill development

Next up ones that you have to put a bit of elbow grease into but can pay of in the end

*Start a fish Farm for food

*Breed Koi carp

*breed pedigree cats or dogs

* fishing lake for Hobby fishing

*Pet sitting

*Start a maggots farm selling to fishing tackle shops

*Open a laundromat

*Grow vegetables or fruit trees on your land

*Subcontract a service out

*Grow weed search Citizen grow

*Skip rental business

*Write a paperback book

*ATM business

*Vending machine business

Next up the internet business section

*Amazon FBA

*sell on eBay

*build subscription service

*build a website

*start a drop-shipping store

*start YouTube channel

*sell on Etsy

*start an Instagram page

*Network marketing

*E- book see Kindle

*Audiobook ACX creation

*Display ads on Google adsendse

*By profitable app or create an app

*Paid ads on YouTube

*Sell merchandise on your YouTube channel

*Start a podcast

*Amazon affiliates

*Selling online course udemy

*Affiliate marketing

*Print on demand

*Kickfurther.Com & worthy

*Sell usage rights to original artwork on minted

*Licensing music

*Sell digital files on Etsy

*Sell stock photos on dreamstime. com

*Voice over royalties see Royal-share project

*Hosting ads on your website

If any one can think of any others please add to the list

The ones that I use to make money are covered calls stocks, dividends, btl houses, office building rentals, car park space rentals, etfs & reits

Check out and sub to r/passivenomad a new sub that combined my two loves of passive income and the nomadic lifestyle

Good luck

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