Part-time Online Writer Recruitment

We are the company behind an interactive story game called *Scripts: Untold Secrets*.  It is a heavily story-driven game which focuses on LGBTQ+ and romance stories targeting mostly female readers around age 18-35.
**What we can provide:**

1. A remote position; you can work anytime and anywhere;
2. A chance for your story to be illustrated and adapted into a game;
3. Competitive pay rate(0.02$-0.08$ per word based on story quality) for writers.

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**What we need from you:**

1. To write original, intense and eye-catching stories in English with dramatic conflicts;
2. In general, the story would be 15 to 20 chapters long, with 2500-4000 words per chapter;
3. The genre of the story can be: LGBTQ+ / romance / horror / adventure / werewolf / vampire etc. You can choose whatever genre you want but the plot should be romantic and fast-paced with stunning openings and cliffhangers at the ending of every chapter. BTW, LGBTQ+ is suggested.
4. To write dialogue-driven stories in screenplay format. You stories should also be choice-based for our players to make choices throughout the game (There will be formatting guidelines and writing template provided) ;
5. Previously writing experience is preferred, especially if you have published stories online.

We warmly welcome you to join us as one of our writers. We value each team member’s time, effort, skill and expertise.
There is a wonderful team of editors and illustrators here waiting for you!

Come check it out on Google play or Apple store by using the link below if you want to learn more. Or you can contact with me via email(****) to get more details.

Google Play: 
App Store: 

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