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Hi guys, I just wanted to share what I’ve recently started doing. I have two young kids and child care was going to cost me $1600+ per month and as a orthodontic assistant it would be more than one of my pay cheques solely for childcare. I decided to venture into jobs I could do from home until my kids start school and child care won’t be as outrageous. I was speaking with another mom who worked from home teaching on VIPkid. VIPkid requires you to have a bachelors degree (in anything) which I do not have. I then stumbled across PalFish. PalFish is an app so everything you need in right in one place which I liked and you do not need a bachelor degree. You do however need a TEFL or TESOL certificate. I got mine off of groupon for $20.00. I[link here ](
I completed the course and received my certificate in the afternoon. I applied to PalFish to teach the official kids course and after doing my interview (practice lesson) I was approved and started teaching. It is so much fun and works out to be around $11 Canadian per class (25 mins) so $22CAD per hour. So far I’ve really enjoyed it and they have good support systems in place to help keep you booked and mentors available to answer any questions! If anyone is looking for a side gig and love children/talking this is for you! I’m so glad I found this app.

You can also do “free talk” which you get paid by the minute and can speak with adults and children. There’s more bang for your buck with the official kids course but free talk can definitely be more relaxing and pleasant.

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Disclosure: I do receive a bonus if you join with my code

Let me know if you have any questions!!

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