P2P Lending vs stock market

Hi everyone. What’s your opinions on a portfolio balance between P2P/Stocks?

I’ve been investing since early 2019, and since I started, I had this plan to keep a balance of 1:1 on these investments, and I would ajust them according to market conditions. Initially, I was dumping about 25% of my income on 2 different P2P companies, and given a dip big enough, I would shift some of that P2P cash on to the stock market.

At this moment, I’m getting close to 11%/y on my P2P investments, and 1.7%/y on my dividend stocks, and my question right now is, what would you think its most profitable to invest in given the present times? Im getting a significant return from P2P, and althought that offers no growth value, my safe stocks portfolio is comprised of mostly blue chips+ETFs, which just doesnt seem to be going anywhere, and paying much less yearly, althought they may offer a better protection against inflation.

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I would like some second opinions, as at the moment im struggling to create a plan to protect my investment looking ahead, so feel free to point any flaws you would like and suggestions are welcomed.

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