Outdoor Wedding Rental Business

have realized that indoor and/or large weddings probably won’t happen in many places for at least the next twelve months.

That’s got me thinking that outdoor and small weddings will be the thing most of us do for the next year (or more). But working with a wedding planner, furniture rental, and all the other vendors is expensive – the price doesn’t go down much even if you’re guest count is small because labor charges are the same which got me thinking…wouldn’t it be interesting to just have an outdoor wedding all-in-one kit that was simple and just shipped you a beautiful outdoor wedding like the pictures I attached.

The simpler you could make it, the cheaper it would be.

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I feel like you could buy the equipment, and amortize the investment over like 5-10 rentals. You don’t need many for this to be a profitable, passive business.

Is there any company that does this already?

If not, how would you test whether there’s a market for it?


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