Opportunity to earn online with Decentfi. | Join the airdrop (for free). | Build up referrals before 4th July. | Enjoy your $DEFI coins gaining value when they hit the exchange.

Decentfi is one of the first initiatives that will combine NFTs with DeFi.

During the launch phase, tokens are being distributed freely through a free airdrop at https://decentfi.org

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You get 200 free DeFi tokens by registering for the airdrop with an email and a public wallet address.

The coins are not being sold, they cost no money.

Token holders can earn more free coins before the airdrop date (4th July 2021) by recommending the coin to other people with ERC20 wallets.

After signing up, you will be asked if you want a custom referral URL.

Reply to the email and request one. A member of the Decentfi team will reply with a custom URL for you to share across your network.

The airdrop is on 4th July 2021, so sign up before and start earning more coins.

Last year I got involved with the Uniswap airdrop and the free tokens are now worth 12k.

Fingers crossed this one smashes this amount out of the park…

…either way, it’s free so nothing to lose.

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