Opportunity presented itself and I would like your advice!

So basically I live in a very famous populated city.

Some while ago I organised a big event and I stumbled upon this older guy who has a van and makes deliveries.

The amount of money he takes for his service is significantly lower than anyone else.

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I started talking with him about us collaborating and he seems to be very happy about the idea.

His problem is that he is very oldschool. He doesn’t have a Facebook page or nothing online for that matter. I told him I can show him what I can do, I did some online stuff and got him around 6-7 customers.

He said we should sit down and talk about how to move forward.

My idea is this:

I want to become his manager, to open a nice facebook page with a good logo, put my number on it and get a lot of friends to give it 5 star reviews to give it a little push in the beginning.

The question is this – How much do I take from him, what’s a fair percentage? Is there something i’m missing here ?

Would appreciate any advice on what’s the best way to move forward here.

Thank you guys!

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