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Hello everyone,

I make a living writing online for a website called News Break. (EDIT: They also have options for video creators, so apply if you do YouTube!) They have a creators program you can apply to join (the application is only a page), but you do need to have some writing samples for a good shot at getting accepted. I’ve been writing on Medium for a while so I had some samples I could link + I had a following of around 400 people at the time, but I’m not sure how helpful that was. You could probably use essays you’ve written or anything like that.

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The writing program has around 200 writers at the moment, but they are inviting more. If you enjoy writing restaurant reviews, randoms self-help stuff, anything, you will do well. Getting accepted seems to be more difficult now than it was when I applied, but it’s worth a shot.

This is my profile if you want to get an idea of what sort of writing goes on: [https://www.newsbreak.com/@c/561192](https://www.newsbreak.com/@c/561192)

I cannot speak to the exact amount I receive now as we sign confidentiality agreements, but I can tell you this. Including a paid internship, News Break, and writing on Medium (all of which I do online), I made about $1,800 this month, with News Break being extremely helpful. If you do more research online you’ll see people who breached their contracts and said the exact amount they received.

If you want to apply, feel free. It’s really changed my life.

My referral link: [http://creators.newsbreak.com/register?referral_code=6c9ff0b](http://creators.newsbreak.com/register?referral_code=6c9ff0b)

Public link: [https://creators.newsbreak.com/creators](https://creators.newsbreak.com/creators)

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