Opinions / Thoughts on Passive Income

I am looking to write an article on people’s concerns on passive income and passive income opportunities. Feel free to leave me your opinions / thoughts / concerns / questions on passive income, and I will share articles and resources (free of charge) with you in return, as well as offer you a ticket to my upcoming passive income masterclass on a first come-first served basis.


> Please leave a response within the next 48 hours to receive a free ticket to my upcoming passive income masterclass on Friday.

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Thank you in advance!


<< ***Some conversation starters>>*** :


* 1. Do you know what passive income is? Have you heard of passive / residual income?
* 2. Why do you want to learn more about passive income?
* 3. What would you need to know to decide if a passive income opportunity is right for you?
* 4. How much do you think you need to invest in a passive income opportunity?
* 5. What do you want to know about passive income / residual income?
* 6. What do you think passive income / residual income is?
* 7. How long do you think it takes to make passive income!

Thank you in advance!

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