New Years Resolution For 2009 – Make Money At Home

Most people start the new year with big plans. They are on the move, full of ambition and have plenty of time to change their lives. Some of the common 2009 resolutions, including making money at home, are:

1. Spend more time with family

2. Make money at home

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3. Go back to school / improve my skills

4. Be more helpful to others

5. Get well

People like to make New Year’s resolutions; one they consider attainable. Despite attempts to set good goals, most people make bad resolutions or do not even work to achieve them, such as when they start making money at home and do not know how to make a resolution that they will can actually achieve. By mid-February, most people will either have given up on the 2009 plans or pretend they never found a solution. Here are some ways to find out if this is your path.

1. You have made more than one resolution. Giving yourself more than one thing to focus on always means asking for trouble, especially if you have given importance to each of them. Over-fulfillment often brings out the best of most of us.

Since very few of us have trained our minds to successfully juggle more than just tasks, it is better to pick one thing that you really want to accomplish and focus on it. If you’ve come up with more than one solution this year, take a moment to choose the one that’s most important to you right now and move on.

2. You have found a solution. While all resolutions have the prospect of changing your life for the better, it isn’t always necessary to make a New Year’s resolution just because everyone is.

For example, some girls I know all want to be more active this year, so they decided to take a dance class together. This seems like a good idea, except that one of the girls has no interest in dancing at all. If she sticks to it, it’s likely because she invested money in the class. I doubt it, however, as she can’t stop complaining about it.

A solution should mean something to you. If this girl wants to get more active, she can find other ways to do it. Think carefully about whether you made your New Year’s resolution as a result of what everyone else is doing.

3. You have found a vague solution. A New Years resolution is actually a goal like making money at home. Goals need to be specific to be successful. Saying you want to save money is a vague solution.

How much money do you want to save this year? How are you going to do that What do you want to give up and what resources do you want to use to make it happen? A goal needs to have clear steps, a deadline, and a way to track your progress. You can still stick to your solution and achieve your goal by sitting down and making it more specific when it’s too vague.

4. You are too hard for yourself. The only thing worse than giving up is taking yourself too seriously. Ridiculous deadlines, failure to recognize your milestones, and being competitive can all lead to you giving up too soon. Your solution shouldn’t burden you. You don’t need to have a goal to make money at home all time in 2 weeks. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, or even bored, you can change your resolution to have more fun.

Creating a New Years resolution is a great way to do something positive and life changing to make money at home. However, if you are concerned about not making it through the year it may be due to the reasons listed in this article.

Source by Jeff Casmer

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