New to group and POD Platforms in general


Firstly i would to thank everyone for making up this group, i feel grateful that there is a support group out there to help new comers like me learn and grow not only on a personal level, but also from a educational level.

As mention in the title, i am new to this POD business, and i recently started a redbubble shop. I am no designer by no means, but i do make motivational/inspirational quotes on products to promote mental health awareness and fitness.

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I am passionate about the meaning behind why i started my store, hence i decided to choose my niche as motivational mental awareness/fitness, and my general target audience is in that group. I have a few designs (about 20+) uploaded already, but still nothing. I was wondering what tips or ways can i do to promote myself? Is this niche too competitive to promote? i also have side designs for the holidays but most of my stuff have humor mixed with motivational quotes incorporated into the message design.

Should i decide to continue on with my niche or should i choose something less saturated? Would paid Ads be the way to go? i am already using multiple tags and joined a few subreddit groups to educate myself and promote my designs. However, anything extra would be greatly appreciated!

P.S I also was thinking of opening accounts on other platforms similar to redbubble but not sure if i should build a steady following first on one platform before expanding to others? I would prefer not to change up my niche as it was main reason for starting up a redbubble store and why i wanted to try something new and promote about.

Thanks again guys!

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