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Hi everyone!

I am starting a new project and I would like to monetise it with affiliate marketing.

I have seen other blogs and there are questions that I have that would be great if someone can help:

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\- **Content “quantity”** \- I had the opportunity to see some blogs that publish content very often (sometimes long-form content). I would like to understand if there is an ideal number of posts specially at the beginning. What is the secret to being able to publish so often? I am struggling to produce content in quantity.

\- **Type of content** \- I also noticed that some websites write a blog post and also have a Youtube video that goes with it. Do you recommend doing this for all the blog posts?

\- **Team** \- Some blogs have people writing for them. Are these people paid? I believe some of them write in order to get links. What are the options to get people to contribute to the blog?

\- **Time to be profitable** \- I know this will depend on different factors but in order to be able to make a living from this project, shall I at least give it 1 year?

Many thanks in advance!

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