Need to make 3k $ online in around 8 months !

As you’ve seen from the title, I need to make 3k within 8 months, I live in a 3rd world country, I use payoneer as my banking services, I managed to make 100$ on redbubble this summer, I need this amount to be able to continue my studies abroad and secure a high paying job to ease the financial independence path I have set for myself. I know how to code, I’ve been coding for a year now and I do full stack web dev, I usually get imposter syndrome when thinking about monetizing that skill, especially that I can’t beat the short dead lines other devs put on Fiverr and Upwork because I have other commitments such as school, I also don’t have a portfolio set up yet!

Do you have any money making ideas I could do, and do you think I should get in the freelancing game even tho I can’t take do these crazy website in 24hours gigs

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