Need help plis!

Hi all!

I’m 23, pursuing a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.
I was introduced to passive income during the start of Covid. Was lured into learning copywriting by the infamous Dan Lok by one of his “free webinars”. I read some material (The Boron Letters) and almost bought a course from another “guru” before discovering this community and realizing nothing is truly Passive; at least not in the short term.

I am creative and I can write (academically) decently but copywriting doesn’t really inspire me, although the “gurus” consistently talk about learning to write even when you hate it. Moreover, it would require a lot of time/effort to fetch clients, assuming I become good at this. But then how does it differ from a 9-5 job!?

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I have a decent resume but my skills pertain strictly to my branch of engineering, which doesn’t really pour money like the IT/CS. I am willing to put in work for developing a passive stream but unsure of where to put in the work. Copywriting might have taught me a few things about marketing but I realize it would require a lot of effort in a direction a don’t really find that appealing. I don’t have much capital to invest and I do not know graphic or web design. I’d like to write for a blog but I can never find a topic to write about. And it isn’t very monetizable according to the stats on this subreddit and elsewhere.

Where do I go? What should I learn? How do I “discover myself”? I would really appreciate any help.

PS: In hindsight, this feels more like a rant but I am still posting it coz I needed to let off some steam and legit need some advice.

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