My passive income is just getting rediculous and I feel sort of sickened Instead of happy about the success.

Ok this is probably a weird one,but I need some advice.

Writing the title, I felt like I couldn’t write ‘my success’. It just feels like something is broken and all of this money is like a mistake?

I sell a lot of online digital products (software) and my income has been really skyrocketing this year. Several years ago I was really proud when I first got 50$ a day, and now I get 5000$ a day. It’s just surreal. I pay my taxes try to stay on top of it but I feel like it’s just impossible or something.

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I just can’t look at these numbers — I have this constant feeling like I did something wrong. My wife loves to see the numbers but it doesn’t make me feel good…I just feel like I can’t breathe.

I don’t want to buy anything, I like my old computer and my shit car. We only spend about 2000$ a month. The rest I just put into my index funds.

My wife doesn’t really like to buy stuff either, but she likes to send some money to her family. They are struggling these days because they are just basically farmers in a poor asian country. The government buys their crop but lately they just live on 100$ or 200 a month.

Have any of you had this feeling? I thought success would feel amazing but I still feel the same way. In fact, I had to set a strict budget otherwise I was legit just getting depressed. It felt like everything in the shop was free, not like I actually had a bunch of money. That resulted in this weird panic buying thing where I just always bought the most expensive stuff I could find.

Thanks in advance,

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