My blogging experience as passive income + hobby

So thought of sharing my experience here, started blogging for fun and got some money from it directly and indirectly (way more indirectly though).

I maintained a blog for around 5 years and the maximum I earned was $100 per month with some click bait titles (the article was legit but added a sensationalist title to catch people’s attention). Because of that experience I probably will never invest time and money on a blog thinking of getting something from it, nowadays I post on medium when I want to write something for the fun of it. Stopped blogging when it started to consume more time maintaining it than my day job.

Here are some stats I got for the total 5 year run, looking at that I probably could get way more than I got if I spent a bit more time optimising it, below you can find some pros/cons of my experience as well.

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* Niche: Cyber Security
* content: news, how-to’s, book reviews, course reviews, vulnerability and labs write ups, etc
* language: Portuguese only
* earnings: $100 per month (80% Adsense and 20% affiliate links)
* articles: around 4000
* free books: 25
* page views: around 2 million

Upsides of my experience:
* my blog was pretty much my study journal at University so every bit I learned I put out an article
* learned a lot, best way to learn is teaching
* made awesome connections, even got some jobs from it (blog worked best than my CV, become my CV for some time)
* started presenting stuff on meetups and conferences
* got some cool partnerships with book publishers that gave me books to review and giveaway, sort of funded a portion of my studies providing the books for free

* very small niche (cyber security)
* very technical so not for everyone to consume (except for the click bait posts like “how to hack anyone’s Facebook profile”)
* limited to a non-English language (Portuguese)
* I wasn’t the best on SEO or digital marketing, all the traffic came from organic Google search, online communities that I participated, participation on events, conferences and meetups, and mouth to mouth at uni
* text only, no other forms of content (podcast, YouTube, course, etc)
* after some time it costed me a lot to maintain it, time wise and money wise (blog hosting and backend, researching, writing, keeping the consistency of posts per week, finding partners, etc)
* extremely low retention rate

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