My 6 favorite guides & charts from Reddit on how to make passive money online (August 2020)

Hey guys! I often read posts from communities like r/entrepreneur, r/workonline, along with a few other money-oriented subreddits and these are some of the most helpful guides I bookmarked this year. I initially posted this to the WorkOnline subreddit awhile ago, but that it might help some people here out as well. This list is a mini-collection of guides, step-by-step tutorials & charts that I thought were informative for this community. If you guys find these links helpful, I will try to do this every month and please check out my blog which I will release at the time of my next post if the mods allow me, thanks!

####I will start out with my favorite 3 posts out of the 6:

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**1. Ladders of Wealth Creation**

I put this as number 1 on the list because it is an all-encompassing guide to building passive wealth. I seriously recommend reading this all the way through. There’s not much else to say about it other than the fact that I wish I read this a long time ago. Check it out here:

**2. Money-Making Methods**

The most common way to make money online is to just use money-making methods from websites that offer them. It’s a little lazy but it’s the most popular for a reason. The biggest issue with these is that the methods don’t last long & stop working after around 6 to 12 months. This repost taken from r/entrepreneur nicely organizes all of these sites into an updated chart:

**3. Steps to Selling eBooks**

I think selling eBooks online are an under-discussed topic here & this guide is very informative if you are looking to get into this lucrative area. There is a lot of initial work required but after it is done, the income is very passive. Some say this field is currently oversaturated but I’d argue it’s worth it if you have the right idea. Here’s the post:

####These next 3 are still helpful but I didn’t think they were as important as the previous guides:

**4. Affiliate Marketing Guide**

Helpful & brief guide on Affiliate Marketing. This idea has been somewhat passive for me once I actually got used to my advertising formats. It’s a bit dated but it gave some informative tidbits that I thought some of you would find useful:

**5. Full-Blown Beginners Guide**

Here is a helpful post from the workonline subreddit on getting started with making money online. Looks like the post was made to promote his eBook but I think you guys can still learn something from it:

**6. SEO Tutorial to get Ranked**

SEO has been tough for me in the past but I wish I read this post back in the day. I’d say this is currently the smartest route for advertising your business (depending on your field):


Thanks for reading this post and let me know if there’s any corrections or if you have any criticisms. In my next post, I will include a link to my blog if any of you are interested. Like I said, if any of you found this helpful, I will definitely try to continue these posts by making another compilation for the end of September. Thanks again!

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