Movement Mastery & Lachie Pior = SCAM

STAY AWAY from this stupid get-rich quick bullshit.
I opened private windows and check from multiple VPN’s in different countries, and their seminars conveniently run every 10 minutes for two hours, and they say the same thing every time. It’s a pre-recorded video that’s on repeat. I had to wait until their advertisement popped up on YouTube again before I could see the EXACT same video the second time. Their links timeout after a few days and guess what, they go up again as new links. They say people are talking in the chat but we all know the reason the chat is disabled to minimize suspicion. The whole video looks like someone edited it in primary school, using non-copyrighted photos, yet they say they are a 7 figure company? Right..

Paris from Paris? Bet we all heard that in every stream. What’s Paris jumping in the live stream every single day to talk to your customers? You really want to pay $900 to these people!?

STAY AWAY from this utter-bullshit. It’s not a get rich quick scheme for you, it’s for them.

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Learn digital marketing properly, and stop being puppets for people like this.

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One thought on “Movement Mastery & Lachie Pior = SCAM

  • January 14, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    Hey there, this Lachie Pior, co-founder of Movement Mastery 🙂

    I wanted to respond to your post, because I understand the scepticism around online courses. I myself have bought many that were not legit. However, we have gone to great lengths to create a unique program that actually works for our students.

    In addition to investing a lot of money into staff to help them. You can see proof of this on our about us page where we interview them ( ) if we were not legit we would not have this level of infrastructure to accomodate our students needs.

    As for our sessions, since some people are in different timezones around the world, some see the recording of one of our live streams, therefore they can view it without missing out or needing to wait until 2am. However, if you choose to view this as a scam well thats entirely up to you 🙂

    I hope anyone reading this has the independence to put some thought towards the support, content and value of the program and whats been created to help people. There is also a refund guarantee so if anyone joins and find they would rather their money back, we can prove we happily refund each of them. Hope whoever is reading this finds the success they deserve and focuses on positivity rather than what may not be possible.

    Lachie Pior
    Co-founder @ Scale Smart


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