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Hi all, long time lurker here. Before continuing I’d just like to say first of all thanks for having me and secondly I’m a firm believer that truly passive income doesn’t exist, we are all required to put in some degree of effort and express a willingness to provide a service before we can expect to get paid. I say this because it appears many people appear unaware these days.

So I took voluntary redundancy right at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. My employer had a terrible attitude towards it anyway so I felt it was a good decision. I’m quite lucky in that I have a huge variety of skills from automotive engineering to being a chef and everything in between. Yet still, given the troublesome job market in my small area I was unable to walk into something post lock down.

So I figured after years of toying with the idea it was finally time to setup some sort of online income stream. I told myself this time, no matter what, I’ll do the work, I’ll do the research, I’ll pay the fees and I’ll get it done.

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Since then I have started and populated an Etsy store, selling print on demand t-shirts at the minimum amount possible to turn a profit (previously had high margins), I have an Amazon Merch account setup with my original designs, I have a blog on a niche subject with some high quality content, affiliate links and Adsense. I will also do the odd prolific study for a few extra £.

When I started out with the Etsy store I got lucky and it exploded pretty quickly, I made £500+ in my first month and was super happy, I thought if I can keep this up, I’ll be safe.

My Amazon merch has not made one cent so far, despite filling my available submissions and working super hard on SEO to make it as visible as possible.

Then around 2 months ago I started my blog, got great hosting at $10/m and wrote some interesting content on my chosen niche, spent hours a day reading about on and off page SEO and so far I have generated £3 on AdSense and that’s all.

Prolific has actually generated more, £22 in one week.

So my question is, how on earth, at this stage do I keep my motivation to continue? I don’t feel it’s time to give up on any of it but when everything has dried up it seems almost impossible to find the motivation.

I didn’t ever live a lavish lifestyle but I got paid well and was able to do the things I wanted. Now the job market is all but gone and so has my income. I feel incredibly lucky to have the support I need to keep my essentials but it’s getting very close to crunch time now.

Edit: I forgot to mention, the Etsy store has also dried up, despite adding new content all the time it has not generated any income in the previous 2 months.

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