Month 0 Of Building A Website, Youtube Channel And Monetizing Them

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re doing well in these trying times. I want to do a ridealong on my website and YouTube channel that I am starting or in case of the channel unearthing with the remnants of an older, decently successful channel that sadly fell into irrelevance after laws changed and I couldn’t upload videos anymore.

I used that channel and rebranded it mainly because it was already approved for monetization and I could set a custom channel url (that is such a sucky move of YouTube disallowing that for under-1k-subs channels!) – basically I’m getting a little headstart there.

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My website and journey is about coding, writing and also outdoor / real life stuff to hopefully create an interesting content mix that is still somewhat focused on the tech side of things.

So far I made 59 cents from adsense on my website and the first video I uploaded yesterday where I announced the new channel direction made it to 200 views from our old subscribers (love you guys, we had fun while it lasted!) – but everything will change and I suspect few of our old subscribers will stay subscribed or if they do probably won’t watch too many of the new videos.

The beginnings are always slow, but I am still hopeful since the website already made some cents so everything is working. Also I am quite excited to get back into making YouTube videos, I always enjoyed that.

If you guys are interested I’ll create follow-up posts on a monthly basis with everything I did and made that month.

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