Monetising Desktop Application


I currently run a desktop application and a website it generates the following;


Clickbank Promo Tools

* 55k Uniques
* 80k Page views
* 2 min session avg duration
* 78% US/CA/UK/DE/FR traffic.

App serves ads(728×90/350×50) from the website from a subdirectory;

* 345k Uniques
* 2M Page views
* 3 hours 35min avg session duration.
* 72% US/CA/UK/DE/FR traffic.

Currently I am running advertising (header bidding) on the website generating ~$80 a month but I am failing to monetise the application itself. If I use my current ad network the revenue from the advertising falls through the floor sometimes earning less than just running ads on website alone.

Any suggestions on what ad networks to approach or maybe some alternative monetisation options?


Thank you for any help.

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