Making passive income streams from 0 capital cost!

In all honesty, increasing passive income is very difficult, especially when people like me do not have much capital to spare. Many like me have fallen for the “gurus” who are pretty much relying on their poor mentees purchasing their courses on how to build their passive incomes.

I have come to realize that passive income can be achieved easily ( just to what extent ). It is all about the first step… right? I started on making low-content notebooks/journals to be published and sold on amazon just yesterday. I have created a separate Instagram account, solely to promote my books and other items that I will be selling in the future. I will NOT be spending a single dime on any promotion or buying of followers to build up my base or whatever. ( Of course, I will be allowing myself to use any profits for any other sort of promotions/advertisement. )

For many years ( far too long ..), I have pushed back on the idea of having my own passive income due to fear of failing. I hope that people will be able to advise me on how to improve my products or methods. I would be open to all ideas but remember ZERO CAPITAL!!!

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Here is my Instagram handle: janicegreeneries (p.s I have adjusted the price to as low as permitted (US$3.58) for minimum profit, in the hope to gain a customer base first. Please do not purchase yet as the price is probably still undergoing updates.

Here are some links for you to view my products. I am open to any criticism!

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