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The only way to make quick money online with solo ads is through a plan of attack. What do you want to achieve and how are you going to do it? These are very important questions as it is very easy to lose money on solo ad packages. If you don’t effectively target your market, you won’t get the results you want. So what do you need to do to get the results you want? I suggest the following:

First, make sure you are using an ezine that has less than 40,000 people floating around. This will ensure that it is affordable. You don’t want to spend money on advertising that is not profitable. Typically, you can pay anywhere from $ 40 to $ 125 per single ad. The important thing is that you are put into profit mode with your back-end products.

Test every source you use. If you bought a single ad per week, you would get a lot of traffic on your products. However, if you haven’t made any sales after 3 unique ads, something is wrong. Test your subject line. Maybe your subject line isn’t grabbing people’s attention.

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Is your email copy strong enough? Does it entice people to click through to your website? This is very important. Here’s a tip for you: don’t write a long copy. Be brief, if you can explain something in 150 words, do it. This is the best way to increase the number of visitors to your website. And in the end, it’s all about getting more traffic and making more money.

One thing that you should really be doing is sending your traffic to a lead capture page. Offer your prospects a free gift. Give them a reason to join your list. Making lists is by far the most lucrative way to use solo ads. If you don’t make a list, you won’t be building a permanent income online. This is because creating lists allows you to market products and services to the same people over and over again. And that means, for every website visitor you get, you’ll make more money.

You will be rewarded with all of your efforts. The trick is to stay focused and not lose sight of your goal. No matter how much money you want to make online, write it down. If you want to make $ 5,000 a month, write it down on paper. You can say, “I’ll be making $ 5,000 a month through my sixth month online.”

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