Make money with Unikrn UMode (Get paid to bet on yourself playing games)

I’ve recently rediscovered Unikrn Umode after using it briefly a couple of years ago. What’s different now is that they give out bonuses of about $2 when you sign up, and more when you fill out your profile. These do not require a deposit of any kind, so you can essentially make free money. I wrote an article detailing how to maximize profit potential for doing this which you can see below, but essentially the most important thing is to bet all of your money while your score multiplier is high (this will make sense if you check out the program’s structure). The sky’s the limit with how much money you can earn, but it depends on your skill level, and I’d definitely set yourself a price point beforehand where, if you make that much, you walk away. The trick is to get out before you lose. Anyway, good luck if you decide to try it out. May your money multiply greatly.

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The second link is (obviously) an affiliate link, so I may receive money if you actually buy anything from Unikrn. Keep in mind though, no purchase is necessary to make money from UMode, and I wouldn’t recommend it if I hadn’t used it and enjoyed it myself (turned $1.50 free bonus into $50, proof in the article if you like that kind of thing).

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