Make money with the Amazon referral program and create your own Telegram discounts channel

I created a service that allows you to create your own bot that finds discounts on Amazon and automatically post them in your telegram channel – so you can earn with the amazon referral program.

Bot service supports every amazon (e.g. amazon US, Italy, Germany, and so on).

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The bot you’ll get is like and you can create automatically a telegram channel like

The channel will contain all the links created with your affiliate ID – so all the earnings are yours!

You can have a look at the service overview and the tutorial (there are a few strep to follow to get all the Token for Amazon, the Telegram bot, and such)


Pricing: (the bronze tier is perfect to get started).


NOTE: you already need an amazon affiliate ID and you be able to generate the API key for the PA-API to get started – otherwise you have to get approved by amazon first and it might take a long time (and you should have a website / social profile where to share the affiliate links).

I use this service myself (for and it works fine.

For example, with a userbase of 3.6k users on a channel, you’ll easily earn more than 15€ in a week (the cost for the bronze tier), so the service repays for itself 🙂


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