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Howdy friends! 👋 Today I bring in something (hopefully) new.

# What Is Strike?

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Strike is a payment app much like CashApp that runs on the Lightning Network (hella fast and no fees). It *can* be used to purchase Bitcoin but that is not the aspect of the app we will be focusing on today. The money in your Strike app is USD and **not** crypto.

# How To Make Money With Strike

Strike offers a pretty generous sign-up bonus of $10 with few requirements. There is no minimum deposit or monthly fee to use the app. Signing up is completely free and for most, verifying email is enough to trigger the bonus. Some may require phone # as well. As of April 2022 there are no maximum referrals you can have.

Cashing out is done using Plaid to link your bank account. There are no fees to cash out and takes 24 hrs or less to arrive.


[April Referrals and withdrawals](

# How To Make Money With Strike…. Passively

I have posted my referral code on various sites including Reddit with some success. I’ve listed it on swaps, made a few YouTube shorts and sent the link to friends and family. Giveaway Twitter has many active users trying to win cash and cold-DMing random people has also made me referrals. One guy was mean to me but what can you do? 🥲

The beauty of Strike is that it’s not super popular like CashApp so it’s easier for (all of) us to get in early. After posting in so many places I’ll get a random referral every day or so. Another method I’m looking into is sticking your ref as a QR code near college campuses, bulletin boards, around malls, street posts, etc.

I recently ordered a small sample of 10 stickers to see the quality. I also don’t want the super sticky stuff that’s difficult to remove — I’m not trying to be Pain of The Ass of The Year. If the samples work I’ll scale up to a roll of 50/100.


[My QR Sticker](

# Thoughts?

So that’s my plan to take over the world. I recommend you go out there and stick your code everywhere and rake in some cash while we wait for our stickers and shirts to sell 😉


Sign up: [ref link]( | [non-ref]( Available in US, Argentina and El Salvador.

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