Make money online part 8

As a demonstrated, proven internet business model shows, for the vast majority it is undeniable that profiting from Google AdSense is one of the top ten internet companies that are used the most on the web.

Here are my own thoughts on how to profit with Google AdSense.


Clickbank Promo Tools

With the almighty Google itself, you can place Google promotions on any of your web pages (the length is approved by Google). Registration is FREE. However, you must meet the standard requirements for a great content website before you can approve your Google AdSense account.

Once confirmed, you will be able to place standard size Google promotions in specific locations on your web pages. The Google ads show promotions that are relevant to the theme of your website. You get paid for every click your guests make on the Google advertisement.

In general, you don’t earn much from one click. Hence, the idea is to have high traffic websites and guests looking for such information.


Earning with Google AdSense happens regularly and is managed with automated payment. No client assistance is required at all, and you don’t have to control the advertisements (based on how you watch them). The Google AdSense system offers a fair reward for taking in a different stream of payments by essentially adapting itself from every website page or blog post on your websites.


Relying on Google AdSense to bring the bacon home on your own is suicide. It takes serious energy (and I don’t know how far it will take you) to make any significant pay and get regular checks from Google.

Numerous aggressive AdSense promoters that I know have sites with hundreds of them and numerous more depend on unethical practices. They are impeccable until they are noticed by Google. This can lead to a permanent suspension of your Google AdSense accounts. A huge cost of cheating on the search engine.

Do you think this is for you?

You cannot expect this conclusion. Despite the fact that foraging with Google AdSense is one of the top 10 internet companies on the web, I wouldn’t suggest this. No doubt not all alone. You will either need to build different websites with significant traffic and reader rewards or use them as a complement to your current high-substance websites.

Please note, however, that you should always try it out if you are considering another salary stream. Just don’t do it because of money-related fear!

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