Make Money Online – Do You Have These Seven Must-Have Internet Marketing Books?

Have you ever thought about it Why Do you want to make money online?

People have different goals. If you answer: “for the money“You should reconsider your goal. You can make money in many ways other than online. And it’s not even certain that you can make money online.”

If your answer is: “for the freedom“,”for the lifestyle“or”for more time with my family“, you are on the right way.

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To make enough money online to give you the freedom or leisure that you want, you should familiarize yourself with internet marketing. And here are seven of the must-have and must-read books that can teach you enough to get started:

# 1 – “AdSense Secrets 4” by Joel Comm

Google’s ads called AdSense are one of the better and easier ways to make money online. However, adding the ads to your website requires some knowledge if you want to make money from it.

Joel Comm’s book on AdSense is a must. If all you got is one book on internet marketing, get this one.

# 2 – “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy” by Marlon Sanders

Read This Book Before You Make Your Own Product!

It helped me sell information products for a few thousand dollars over a weekend by just implementing one of the ideas in the book.

# 3 – “Confessions of a Lazy Super Partner” by Chris Rempel

After reading this book, you will know that there is only one way to sell affiliate products. Sure, you can get lucky and sell in other ways, but the real money will get away with using the simple method outlined in the book.

And it’s almost a setup-and-forget, so this is a program for the lazy partner.

# 4 – “16 Minute Speed ​​Reading Audio Program” by Marvin Haycock

This has nothing to do with internet marketing, and in fact, it’s not even a book. But you will read many books and e-books on your way to freedom. So why not quickly and effectively?

# 5 – “The Mini Site Formula” by Joel Peterson

Another “non-book” … It’s mostly a video course, but you get the transcript and it’s a must-have!

This is a new way of doing internet marketing. They find the products people are already buying and help them decide.

# 6 – “Instant Article Creation Templates” by Jeff Heering

Article marketing plays a huge role as an internet marketer and you should learn from the best. Get Jeff Heering’s article templates, and you’ve already done 3/4 of your work with articles.

# 7 – “Seven Secrets of Ezine Reign” by Rob Howard

More on Articles … The message in this video course is “Make it short – make it hot”. Forget about long and boring articles. And you’ll also get great tips for the author’s biobox.

I have read perhaps thousands of internet marketing e-books and have been inspired and / or impressed by many. Make your own list of favorite books, or just read a few, but whatever you do:

Use What You Learn – Take Action!

Source by Sarah Aston

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