Make Money From Home: Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Online Businesses

Owning a small business is both exciting and hard work. When you have the privilege of working for yourself, you understand that it takes both discipline and marketing skills to make significant profits. In today’s technology world, online marketing is essential to promoting your business, but there are also good old-fashioned marketing ideas that you can use locally.

Here are some creative marketing ideas you can use to make money from your small business from home:

1. Publish articles in local magazines. Write some good quality articles and see if you can get them published in your local magazine or trade journal. This is very inexpensive and can reach many readers.

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2. Sponsor a sports team in your community. If you want to build brand or service awareness, sponsor a local sports team. Use your logo and name on the uniforms, and send out a press release letting others know you are a generous community member.

3. Teach classes and workshops. If you are an expert in your field, feel free to run your own classes and workshops and speak at seminars. When you are out in the churches, you will come into contact with many people.

4. Create a blog and update it regularly. The purpose of a blog is to excite your readers with interesting and relevant content. If you are not a writer, you can hire a freelance writer for a very good price so you always have fresh content. This will give you a better search engine ranking so that more people can find your website through search engines. More traffic means more sales!

5. Host a free event. Do you have knowledge or a quality service to share? Host a free event to generate media interest and get multiple perspectives on your product or service. Give away prizes and make sure you have an email sign up form for a newsletter or other free giveaway.

6. Get your information online anywhere. In addition to your website and blog, take advantage of online marketing opportunities like YouTube, iTunes for podcasts, Facebook pages, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. As you expand your sphere of influence, you build credibility and attract more traffic and potential sales.

7. Honor birthdays and holidays. Many business owners report that the fact that they send handwritten birthday and Christmas cards to previous customers has earned them significant bonus points. Take the time to do this and you will keep seeing your past customers and getting them to talk about you with family and friends.

If you own a small business and want to make money from home, it is important that you make use of online and traditional marketing techniques. Some of these ideas take a short time to complete, so you have no excuse for slacking off with your marketing strategy. If you don’t have enough time to spend on marketing, hire someone to do it for you as it is well worth the investment.

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