Make money by working from home as a fundraising coordinator

You are here because you are trying to make money from home. With unemployment at an all-time high, it’s definitely a good time to take control of your income. People lose their jobs every day and need this income to support their families and themselves. Some just want a second income to save up for that “just in case” moment. Whatever the reason, now is a good time to take control of your financial future and start your own business, where you determine how often you work, where you work, and most importantly, how much you work to earn. This article describes one method that you can use to make money from home – in the fundraising industry. Before analyzing the industry, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Can I wake up and motivate myself when nobody is looking over my shoulder?

Am I ready to make phone calls, network, send emails, and do anything to make my business a success?

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Do I think I can run a successful business and generate the income I need?

Do I have the tools to start a business? – Do you have the logistical tools first – computer, internet connection, email and telephone? Second, ask yourself if you have the personal skills you think you need to make your business a success. The explosion in technology has brought great benefits in reducing your potential cost of ownership. With cell phones and flat rate calling plans, you can now actually enjoy the results of making money working from home. If you answered yes to the above questions, then working from home could be a big step for you.

A fantastic option is to start your own fundraising business. In this economy everyone is feeling the crisis and is looking for new ways to make money. They could be the resource that provides schools, churches, sports teams, and other organizations with their donation ideas. You probably already know some people who could use a fundraiser or donation idea for their school fundraiser or church youth group fundraiser. If you have some of these contacts, you are halfway there.

All you need is your own information and research to find reputable fundraising companies or fundraising ideas to offer to those groups that are already on your Rolodex. You can offer product-based fundraisers by working with a fundraising company that pays you as a dealer of their products so the group doesn’t have to pay you any money. This takes very little work on your part – it puts you in the position of a matchmaker, which is a great position for making money when you work from home. You can also offer your services to other types of fundraising events, such as B. for auction fundraising drives or event fundraising drives. With these fundraisers, you would take care of running the fundraisers and the church, team, or school would in turn pay you a percentage of their profit or a flat fee. The nice thing is that YOU can choose.

If you’re seriously interested in making money from home, make a list of the people you know who could potentially be your customers right away. Friends, acquaintances, neighbors – everyone you know and who is part of an organization of any size may be looking for a fundraiser. Send emails, tell people, call friends, spread the word that you are the resource – the point of contact or the girl for their fundraising needs. Once you have a group ready to work with you, the real fun begins.

Many schools, teams, and churches already have fundraising ideas and are just looking for someone to help them find the best businesses or the best possible profit. Check out all of the fundraisers: candle fundraisers, scratch card fundraisers, spinner fundraisers, wrapping paper fundraisers, Aunt Anne’s pretzel fundraisers, and more so you are familiar with the popular fundraisers. The possibilities in fundraising are endless as there are so many fundraising products and fundraiser ideas. There are also a seemingly endless number of people who need to raise money. So, go ahead – do the research and see if starting your own fundraising business is the right step for you.

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