Made $5125 of Passive income in October, 2019

Hi guys, I recently discovered this subreddit and have read most of the top posts now. I have created a new account to share my passive income.

I own multiple websites but this income is from only one website where I spend 30 minutes every other week to update the main page (which gets the most traffic).

**Adsense**: $4,225

Clickbank Promo Tools

**Other ad networks**: \~$900

My traffic is organic and I stopped doing SEO and making links a year ago. Now it’s all passive. I will probably have to start link building again because the ad clicks are fluctuating a lot.

**How I did it?**

I found a site when I was looking for something and I thought I could do better than that site. I researched some Keywords on Alexa (this was in 2014 and I didn’t have money to buy better tools) and set up a site. Coded the whole site from scratch using PHP. The first site failed. I shut down the site. I started again with a new domain name a year later. Now I had good experience with SEO. I worked on the site everyday, made links with blog comments, forum profiles, signatures, etc…

I already had Adsense approved from another site, so I put the ads. It took a few months but I started making 10 USD a day. That was long ago. I now get at least 100 a day from Adsense on that site.


I am now working on other revenue streams like affiliate marketing and offline business.

I know the amount isn’t much for some people but I wanted to share it anyway 🙂

If you guys have any questions, please ask.

Ps. Please don’t ask for a link to my website.

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