Looking to team up with people who want to be financially free.

I’m looking for people to team up and do something! 9-5 working paycheck to paycheck doesn’t work if you got family. I want to learn and start something new and exciting. And I’m looking for similarly driven people. So shortly about WHO I am. I am very honest and creative person who REALLY stands for QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I want to learn and evolve. I don’t think the education ever ends we learn from the day we are born till the day we die. I choose my mentors and people I follow carefully. I am a strong believer in Simon Sineks Golden circle. I believe in making a better future. Whatever form it takes. I have lived in 4 different countries. Grew up in Europe have worked many different jobs from butcher to PC repairs to Door to door sales. I have been a pro wrestler a magician. I know how to keep an open mind to any opportunity coming my way. I want to end up in real estate but I have few ideas to start already on smaller level. I’m going to start working on a book about living ANYWHERE. I have started over multiple times in my life and it’s not that hard if you have the right mindset. So yeah to put in a sort of summary – I am a dreamer who sees how weird and complex life is and I want to live it not just survive in it. But I strongly believe to do that you don’t need to sacrifice ANY quality OR integrity. You want someone to tell you the truth and work his ass off to give the best product or service I’m your man. You want to get rich quick by releasing shit product or screwing people over then we can end the conversation here. So yeah if you are looking to try and achieve something worth leaving behind in the world we will get along well.

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