Looking for passive income ideas to quit my jobs

Hi all, I have 2 jobs both as a fully remote software developer / project manager with software development. I specialize in HTML/CSS/Javascript/Angular/Python/Salesforce/C++/Unreal Engine (Yeah it’s a lot and i spend all day and all night doing it)


I am looking for streams of income where I can do once / update occasionally and still make a living. I am good with working a lot in the beginning. Right now I am used to working about 80-100 hours a week due to a lot of tedious tasks coming up.

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NOTE: I am okay with a slow start to build, even if it does take quite a few years.


# Ideas that I’ve thought of:

1. Thunkable – Using an android/ios app builder to create apps (easy cause no coding) (if you have any other recommendation please let me know) – Using an app builder for time efficiency. I’m trying to do everything as fast I can with whatever spare time I have left outside both of my jobs.


2) Creating a Websites to advertise and try to generate an audience (I am not sure what websites tend to make a good enough income to hit that $10k/month goal) I know my first website about how I trained my dog from a spoiled pup to dog show ready with amazon affiliate links, if there are other sites that could help, please give me all the ideas

-Was thinking to make about 10 websites for now. I have tons of templates ready to be used from all my past work since I save everything.


3) Youtube – Not sure if I would do it on programming since I don’t want to be tied to that for life, was thinking of Stocks / Crypto / financial investments? I’ve definitely wanted to make a vid on how I started making 35/hour right after college to making $130/hour within 10 months. I love gaming but I don’t know if I could make it on youtube as a gamer since that is the most saturated.


4) Online Courses on Udemy/Skillshare (still debating on which site to put my courses on)I’d make courses on Web Development, Machine Learning, Unreal Engine for game devleopment, and Salesforce development. My teaching is a little weird though since most professors go into the history of the programming where I teach more like: I told you how to do it, here’s an easy page to do that shows everything that I’ve showed you, now you practice and do it. Answer video is in the next video.


# Thing I already do:

1. Stocks
2. Cryptocurrecny
3. Real estate


# Steps to take:

1. I need to start on social media hitting all platforms (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc)
2. I need a plan on how many hours I’ll spend a day on my projects and how to plan my classes/videos accordingly


Questions that I need answers to:

I am solely doing this for some enjoyment but mostly profits:

1. What is the best app-builder application I should go with (Thunkable or something else?)
2. Which types of websites generate the most money with low maintenance after being fully built? Niche websites or…?
3. Youtube – Should I be doing this for enjoyment? There’s a ton of work that goes into YT videos for sure. Idk if I wanna do a programming tutorial like channel as I may wanna stray away from work-like stuff in the future. Gym / Food or Gaming would be extremely fun for me and definitely the most enjoyable. Stocks/Crypto is a new subject but i am interested, but who knows if i’ll be sticking with it 5-6 years from now.
4. Udemy has a lot of customers already, but they already discount courses so much for $5-$11.99 a course. And Udemy takes 50%. Meaning I’d need a large audience to make some cash, but would it be worth making courses on udemy or another course outside of udemy such as skillshare?


EDIT2: I am looking into Amazon FBA to do alongside these. Just heard of it and if anyone has advice/recommendations, would be much appreciated.

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